Top 5 most Valuable Peace Silver Dollars Worth $1.5 M

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The Peace Silver Dollar was minted from 1921 to 1935, and while some specific dates and mint marks are more valuable due to lower mintages or higher demand among collectors, none typically reach the $1.5 million mark on their own.

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1. 1928-P

The 1928 Philadelphia mint is the key date in the Peace Dollar series due to its low mintage of only 360,649 coins, making it the scarcest regular-issue in the entire series. High-grade examples can fetch significant prices at auction.

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2. 1921 High Relief

The first year of issue, these coins were struck in high relief, making them more difficult to strike and leading to quicker die wear. This design was only used in 1921, making high-grade examples of this coin particularly desirable.

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3. 1922 High Relief Proof

A very small number of high relief proofs were minted in 1922 before the relief was lowered to extend the life of the dies. These coins are extremely rare and valuable.

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4. 1934-S

The San Francisco mint Peace Dollar from 1934 is another sought-after coin, especially in higher grades. While not as rare in lower grades, in MS65 or higher, it becomes quite scarce and valuable.

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5. 1927-S

Though not the lowest mintage of the series, the 1927 San Francisco mint Peace Dollar is considered to be one of the more difficult coins to find in high grades, making well-preserved examples highly valuable.

While these coins are among the most valuable Peace Silver Dollars, the values generally do not approach $1.5 million. The market for rare coins can fluctuate, and values can vary based on grade, demand, and other factors.

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